Energy Consult

In 2008, Epic set up an energy division that will offer consultancy services on Financial aspects of Energy projects. The brief of the team would be to identify opportunities within the market that would qualify such niches as ideal recipients for an LNG solution. In such a case we would integrate the various solution providers to come up with a one stop-solution in these viable recipient markets. This includes FSRU (floating storage and re-gasification Unit) solutions and LNG producers.

Energy Trading

Through our contacts we act as introducing brokers for commodities such as HFO, LNG, Distillates as well as Emissions Certificates. Please forward genuine requests to us and we shall try to identify a counterparty willing to commit to deliver such products.

Energy Infrastructure Solutions

You can have a cake and eat it! The efficiency of new technologies is so high that it is not unusual to attain CAPEX recovery in under 3 years based upon fuel savings. However in cases where efficiencies are below 35%, this is a very realistic possibility. Companies we work with can deliver efficiencies up to 46% on Natural Gas, 45% on Dual fuel and 54%-58% on CCGT. Such companies we work with also offer options to finance such projects at reasonable rates facilitating a shift to a new infrastructure and guaranteeing re-payment through fuel savings and reducing exposure to volatility in oil prices by reducing demand. Capex on such projects varies from as low as €550 to under €1000 per KW.

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